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Stem Book – An Excellent Information Resource

For anyone looking for a credible source of information on stem cell biology, I highly recommend checking out StemBook from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. As is states on it’s website:

Stem Book is an open access collection of invited, original,
peer-reviewed chapters covering a range of topics related to stem cell biology written by top researchers in the field at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and worldwide

The site covers a variety of topics ranging from basic stem cell biology, to potential therapeutic uses.  Granted, most of the information is from a basic research and academic perspective, but I think it  could be a potentially useful resource resource for those wearing product development hats.  For example the section on genomics and proteomics provides a sense of the possibilities for characterization of stem cells and therapies derived from stem cells that regulatory authorities are always interested in.  Hope you find it useful as well.  If you are aware of other  useful websites on stem cells and/or regenerative medicine, please let me know in the comments.